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Lunar New Year at Spice Temple

Spice Temple Melbourne rings in Lunar New Year with a feast of auspicious dishes

If ever a New Year needs good luck, it’s 2022 and Spice Temple Melbourne is embracing the Chinese custom of hustling in fortuitous times with a feast of auspicious dishes planned for the Lunar New Year and Year of the Tiger celebrations.

Enjoy a special Chinese banquet menu to celebrate the Year of the Tiger during the 2022 Lunar New Year.

The limited-edition banquet menu has been designed with Chinese food symbolism at the fore: purse-shaped pipis that represent fortune, fish that symbolises life and abundance, eggs that signify fertility, and red ingredients that stand for prosperity and happiness in traditional Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year festivities.

Lunar New Year 2022 – Banquet Menu
Available Spice Temple Melbourne
Wednesday 2nd February to Sunday 13th February
$139 per person + optional $85 per person wine matching.


Lunar New Year Menu

幸运 Fortune 
Pickled lotus root
Sichuan-style pickled cucumber and shiitake

繁荣 Prosperity  
Yu Sheng – raw Yellow Fin tuna, daikon, hot and sour dressing, spiced orange oil

幸福 Happiness  
Drunken abalone, Huadiao wine, Chinese wolfberry

长寿 Longevity  
Stir-fried egg noodles with scallop and XO

金钱 Money 
Grilled Spencer Gulf prawns, roasted chilli and coriander dressing

爱 Love 
Roast pork, Chinese mustard, pickles

財富 Wealth 
Glazed duck breast, steamed bread pockets, hoisin, leek and cucumber

复兴 Rejuvenation  
Buddha’s Delight – braised baby vegetables and tofu

爱 Love  
Tang Yuan – sweet rice dumplings

和谐 Peace
Osmanthus flower jelly

Dishes may vary due to produce availability