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Spice Solstice Feast

Spice Temple is dedicating a delicious multi-course menu to the Winter Solstice, or Dōngzhì Festival, including the creation of special dishes, each with the warming fragrances of classic spices and paired with beautiful beverages.

Part of Melbourne Good Food Month, this heart-warmingly delicious feast is available for one night only.

Thursday 1st July – 6:30pm
$149, including matched beverages


Prepayment required. Full payment will be deducted if the booking is canceled within 48 hours of the event.
Can’t cater to special dietary requirements.
Menu subject to change, pending produce availability.


Assorted pickles
Guilin-style sour snake beans
Lotus root, ginger and sesame
Black fungi, scud chilli, Sichuan pepper oil, coriander
Pork crackling with heaven facing chilli salt
Shredded bean curd “noodles”, sesame, chilli oil dressing
Yunnan-style white cut chicken, mint, lime, chilli, coriander
Pan-fried lamb dumplings with dark chilli paste
Duck wontons in spiced duck and ginger broth
Hot and sour steamed Rock Flathead, pickled mustard greens, Sichuan pepper and green chilli
Steamed Chinese broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce
Red-braised Wagyu brisket with Pixian chilli and daikon
Dong po pork
Steamed rice
Tang yuan, chestnut and black sesame filling